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  • Before you choose tour company you go with, it’s important to do your research online and read about their packages, compare with others, read reviews or Ask Questions.
  • What does the price include? (How many nights and days? How many meals? Admission to sights?) Only verified Quality Agents are listed on our Website.
  • Only verified Quality Agents are listed on our Website.
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When considering tours, remember that some of the best sellers are those that promise more sightseeing than is reasonable in a given amount of time. No tour can give you more than 24 hours in a day or seven days in a week. What a wide-ranging "blitz" tour can do is give you more hours on the bus. Choose carefully among the itineraries available.

Do you really want a series of one-night stands? Bus drivers call tours with ridiculous itineraries "pajama tours." You're in the bus from 8a.m until after dark, so why even get dressed?

Shujaat Muzaffar Bajwa Founder/CEO Make A Tour (Pvt.) Limited