Travel and discover Beauty of Pakistan with us, make your journey luxury, comfortable and safe with reliable company. Travel92 is most reliable and speclialized tour operating company for any type of tours to Kalash Valleys and other areas of Chitral, Neelum valley, other parts of Kashmir Hunza and Khunjrab Pass .


Tours by Tour92

Rs 15000 From Islamabad
Rs 15500 From Lahore

5 Days tour to Hunza

Rs 7500 From Islamabad
Rs 8500 From Lahore

Our three day trip to Neelum Valley is an amazing tour designed for eveyone who

Rs 2000 From Islamabad
Rs 2800 From Lahore

Pir Chinasi is a hill station located in Muzaffarabad

Rs 6500 From Islamabad
Rs 7500 From Lahore

Kumrat valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan, but this valley is

Rs 18000 From Islamabad
Rs 19000 From Lahore

Kalasha People celebrate their annual harvesting festival in the month of August every year which

Rs 20000 From Islamabad
Rs 22000 From Lahore

The Kalasha Valleys are valleys in Chitral District in northern Pakistan. The valleys are surrounded

Rs 7500 From Lahore
Rs 7000 From Islamabad

Shogran is a hill station situated on a green plateau in the Kaghan Valley, northern

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