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We wrote this page knowing our customers would do their research before booking a photography tour of such high standards. You want to know what makes us tick, who’s behind this amazing company, and where did we come from? Well, I hope our little write-up answers all your questions and puts you at ease knowing you can stop searching… you found us. What makes us tick? Exceptional experiences make us tick. Or rather, the never-ending search for them. We are thankful to be able to travel the world, in search of breathtaking photo opportunities and uniquely authentic experiences. When we do find a place with tons of incredible photo opportunities and a fun unique things to do, we develop an all inclusive tour so you can join us and not worry about a thing. Who’s behind all this magic? Well, our company’s beginning was a little serendipitous, to say the least. One of our founders is a professional photographer, with extensive knowledge and experience in landscape and travel photography. Our other founder comes from a completely different background, filled with business development and marketing expertise, and a love for photography of course. They both happened to meet on a photography tour and agreed they could create a tour company like no other. One where tours are filled with talented, passionate photographers, engaging cultural experiences and an intimate and friendly environment where everyone could celebrate the art of photography. And that’s how MakeATour was born.

Why MakeAtour?

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You don’t want an adventure that feels like a group package. And you definitely don’t want to eat at the group rate restaurant.

You want the best: Expert guides, amazing trip leaders and storytellers who share their passion with you for these places, and who won’t hesitate to take you to that phenomenal little restaurant where you meet the chef.

What Do We Provide?

We provide the discriminating travel photographer, a refreshing alternative to the hidden charges, “corner-cutting” and disappointments we ourselves have found, even on big-name photo tours.

You could say that we are full of it… and you would be right.

Our tours are incredibly full of unimaginable culinary delights, unique cultural experiences, and unrivaled photo opportunities. And, you get to share these wonderful moments with like-minded lovers of travel and photography.

We’re just like you. We are travelers, not tourists. Our team wakes up in the morning with Carpe Diem in our hearts and then we actually do go and seize the day.

We are proud to have created a photo tour company like no other and once you get to experience one of our life changing journeys…

You’ll be glad you chose MakeATour

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